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On our website you'll find a portfolio of images created by from both photographic film and digital cameras. We've also added movie film, user galleries and more.

Feel free to leave us feedback, vote on the poll or purchase photos and gifts using the "Buy Now!" links. We can even add your own photos to our gift ideas selection!

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History of as a name has existed since the late 1990s but only started out with a web presence in 2014 via Social Media. The website itself was launched on 4th July 2015.

The purpose of the website is essentially to display a portfolio of photographic images captured and owned by the site owner, Darren Walsh. However, expansions to the site have allowed the display of movie clips and also added a facility to purchase not only photographic images on print, but also on gifts.

Darren has been an amateur photographer for over 20 years and takes pride and care in his work. All images uploaded in the name are owned by Darren and are largely unedited. At we believe in displaying photos direct from the camera, so there is only minimal after-shot processing (such as cropping or colour change).

The site is designed, developed and managed by Darren Walsh. Open source elements such as Coppermine Photo Gallery have been used where necessary in order to facilitate the display of photographic albums and images.


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    Cookies are small pieces of text that contain a unique number sent by a web server when you visit a web page and stored in the cookie directory on your computer. This website uses cookies to gather information about site usage, such as number of visitors and repeat visits. We analyse site usage statistics to help us improve the website. The cookies we use contain no personal information about the user. Cookies on this site may be turned off by users but may affect how pages are displayed. Third party cookies such as those used for social media are also in place on the website.

  • Copyright
    Unless otherwise stated, the design and layout of this website, and all the material published including text, graphics, logos, sounds, images and attached documents are copyright of Some logos from other organisations are used on our website, such as the Social Media logos. Where this happens we use the logo according to the guidelines laid down by the organisation that has copyright of the logo.

More terms and conditions are listed within the Buy Now!, Photo Gifts and Registration pages. Please ensure this information is read and adhered to whilst using this website.

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