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Below are the details of all the items available to buy from

You can only purchase photographic prints or a selection of photo gifts direct from us at the moment, but we will most certainly be expanding our offerings in future so keep checking back here regularly!

Details of the ordering process can be seen in the Ordering and Information sections which follow immediately after the pricing details below.

And to upload your own picture(s) for a gift then please refer to the Ordering section on the Photo Gifts page.

If you would like to buy a digital image of photos in our gallery then please visit our PicFair page.

Print Prices
The pricing information for all prints is included in the table below. The same pricing applies to colour, black & white or sepia prints from both digital and film.

Photo Print Pricing

Product 6 x 4 inches
(15 x 10 cm)
7 x 5 inches
(18 x 13 cm)
8 x 6 inches
(20 x 15 cm)
10 x 8 inches
(25 x 20 cm)
Standalone Print £2.99 £3.49 £4.99 £6.99


Photo Gift Prices
All "Photo Gift" prices are listed in the table below. Prices vary dependent on requirements for using your own photo or choosing a photo from our gallery, with or without a logo.

Photo Gift Pricing

Product Your Own
Gallery Photo
(with Logo)
Gallery Photo
(without Logo)
Photo Keyring £1.99 £2.49 £2.69
Photo Coaster £2.99 £3.99 £4.39
Porcelain Frame £2.99 £3.49 £3.59
Snowstorm Keyring £1.99 £2.25 £2.35
Photo Magnet £2.99 £3.49 £4.99
Your Own Photo on Gifts - Buy Now!


Delivery Details
The delivery charges per single item are listed below. For purchases of more than one item, delivery charges will be recalculated and communicated to the buyer before the purchase is completed.

Delivery Charges

Product Name Product Type Delivery Cost
Print (6 x 4) Photo Print £1.10
Print (7 x 5) Photo Print £1.10
Print (8 x 6) Photo Print £1.10
Print (10 x 8) Photo Print £1.60
Photo Keyring Photo Gift £0.99
Photo Coaster Photo Gift £1.10
Porcelain Frame Photo Gift £3.30
Snowstorm Keyring Photo Gift £3.10
Photo Magnet Photo Gift £0.99

Please find further notes regarding delivery below.

  • Delivery of photo prints will utilise board-backed envelopes to avoid the items being bent or damaged prior to arrival. Equally, photo gift items will be suitably packaged in padded envelopes so as to avoid damage.

  • Should any damage occur to items during delivery then please contact us and send photo evidence so we can investigate with our postal service provider.

  • All delivered items will include an invoice and business card from



There are two separate ordering processes in place, one for purchase of prints from images found in the Photo Gallery and another for gifts. The steps below relate to photo prints. Please visit the Photo Gifts page for that specific ordering process.

Before ordering, please ensure you have read and understood the Information section below and have reviewed all delivery and returns policies listed above.

We also request that you enrol as a registered user here before placing any orders. This helps track your order more easily.

Ordering Prints from's Photo Gallery

  1. Browse around's Photo Gallery and find the photo of your choosing
  2. Click on the "Buy this photo now!" link on the relevant image's page
  3. Fill out the relevant form with your details as below:
    • The photo's name as shown on the photo page
    • The prequested photo's print size
    • Your name and address for delivery
    • Any extra photos or sizes you may want to purchase
  4. will send an invoice with details of your order via email
  5. Complete the checkout process as per instructions in the invoice email

Once the order is complete and all payments have been processed, will package the item(s) and dispatch to the buyer's supplied delivery address.

Please see below for order processing times.

Order Processing Times

Product Estimated
Processing Time
Estimated Shipping
Total Estimated
Delivery Time
Prints 2-3 working days 2-3 working days 4-6 working days
Gifts 2-5 working days* 2-3 working days 4-8 working days
*Gifts created from the Photo Gallery will process within 2-3 days. Processing time for your own photos on gift items will depend upon communication and response times of the buyer and could therefore be longer than the values specified above.


Refunds and Returns
Although we will endeavour to ensure that your item(s) will reach you in one piece, is free from defects and also meets your satisfaction, we do understand that this will not always be the case. prides itself on quality so we treat every customer complaint as a high priority. Should you need to contact us regarding an issue or a potential return/refund then please fill out the form here.

You will also find details of's Returns Policy below.

  • A returns policy is in place for defects noted and reported within the first 48 hours of receipt. Items found to be faulty will be replaced free of charge, with paying for any return postal charges incurred.

  • Where a refund is requested and authorised and this relates specifically to the buyer being dissatisfied with the product, then the buyer will be liable for any return postage and packing charges.

  • Note that photo evidence will be required in order to process any returns or refunds, unless the item has been lost in transit.

  • If the item does not arrive at your delivery address within the estimated delivery times stated on this page then you should contact to register a non-delivery complaint. At this point the postal service provider will be contacted. Response times for postal queries with third parties cannot be quantified, however, therefore we will not be able to offer a defined date of resolution.


General Information

Note that for information relating to the specific purchase of "Photo Gifts" then please refer to the Photo Gifts page.

  •'s definition of "Print" is any such image that has been converted to photographic paper, thus being presented as a physical photograph rather than any digital image or film negative.

  • All photos shown in the User Galleries section of the site are not available for purchase as does not own the copyright on these images.

  • A slight cropping of images and photos may be required for certain purchases. will advise the buyer of any such issues during the ordering process and will confirm how the cropped image will look before it is finalised and dispatched.

  • Purchased items may display branding or logos, unless you have specifically ordered an unbranded item. Prints will have logo/branding on the rear, but not on the visible side of the image. Branding can be added to prints on request. Please indicate this on the order form at the time of purchase.

  • The printed photographic images may be subject to fading over time. Although we use high quality photo paper, this is a side effect of all printed media and so we cannot guarantee the colour and brightness for the lifetime of the product. We are also unable to provide an estimate of longevity as this would depend on where the photograph is stored. recommends to avoid direct sunlight to improve the lifetime of the image but should you not be satisfied with the image's durability within one month of purchase then please do not hesitate to contact us here.

  • Although we attempt to provide the best quality photographs, please be aware that some images on the website may not print in the best quality and may suffer from excessive noise, pixelation or some defects (such as scratches on negatives used to reprint). This will be mostly refined to images originally captured on film or the earliest digital cameras. Buyers will be informed of any such issues during the purchase process.

  • All photographic images purchased from's Photo Gallery are copyright to The purchaser of these gifts may not sell on the printed image(s) nor make copies of the image for redistribution without prior written consent by

  • Any purchased image or gift item may be given or donated to a third party as a gift. However, at no point should the purchaser of a copyrighted image attempt to claim that the image is a photograph of their own.

  • Any breach of copyright will be classed as copyright infringement and may result in legal action being taken.

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